What Do All Men Want More Than Anything Else in the World

Men are biologically tied to pursue women for desire, and it is something that many women think they understand. They try to do one thing, and then another, but they begin to notice something a little different. They see that sober look in his eye. They know something has changed.

What happened? Did the relationship fall apart just because of one little thing? Did the woman do something wrong? She will certainly think so, and maybe that’s true. Maybe the man is just on the wrong path and he is lost and confused. Maybe he is looking for direction.

What is wrong when he draws away?

All of these factors into the moment when a woman realizes that something is wrong. Many women will try to run away from it. They will try to coat it with something else. They will try to chase it down and pounce on it, destroying it without ever getting to discover what “it” is in the first place.

Something has happened in this relationship to cause that man to lose his grasp on it, disconnect, and withdraw. It is something that is incredibly hard to pinpoint and the vast majority of women hardly know it exists. It is a certain obsession that he is failing to find, and he will shut down if he can’t find it.

What is his secret obsession?

No one is saying this is fair or that it makes a whole lot of sense. It is just that it is true. If men do not have his secret obsession accounted for and delivered, they will leave the relationship emotionally.

Women really struggle to find out what it is. They will often try to squash it by actively looking at the problem. The man will clam up and shut down because he feels like he is being confronted. Truthfully, he doesn’t even know what it is.

A woman needs to do one thing, and one thing only, to keep him present, engaged, and in the relationship at the highest level. The woman needs to be irresistible. How are women irresistible? Isn’t that the special secret of it all.


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